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Established in August 2019, TECHFICS PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading Development & Design expert company providing superior Software, Web, Mobile and Creative Designing solutions and services to companies globally. Having a strong Technology Development and Innovation center with satisfied clients.



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Business analysis

Explore the existing situation to understand a client's or their own business needs, work out how those could be met, and then put forward a specification for appropriate technology to be developed. The recession has made saving money through technology solutions a high priority.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence involves using technology to access, analyse and understand information and set up ways to report data. Making data available and usable is the key focus as it enables an organization to make better business decisions.

Communications technology

Provide technologies (internet, telephone systems, video conferencing, email and so on) support with IT expert to develop and maintain hardware, software and networks. Supporting mobile workers is a key focus and brings with it interesting challenges related to security.

Data analytics

Involves analyzing data to discover relationships and describe events and examining data from past performance to understand what happened in a previous situation so that a business can make better decisions. Alternatively, businesses can try to predict future performance based on current information.

Data/Information management

Information is of no use to an organization if it can't be stored, retrieved, analyzed and used. Information management involves developing programs and systems to organize and manage data so that it can be a valuable resource. Disaster recovery and business continuity are also covered within this area, since loss of or loss of access to data has high costs.


Techfics produce software and hardware to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. Software and hardware designers and engineers research, design and test new systems and technology, and then modify and implement them to suit a particular market, use or client's needs.

 Outsourcing services

Bringing in outside experts for technical support or development activities. Some outsourcing is done remotely, through network connections, while other work involves being physically present at the client's site. Contracts may be long or short term. Outsourcing services can be a whole business sector in itself.


Diagnosing problems and coming up with solutions under pressure and provide 24 x 7 Support on existing IT system, server maintenance, hardware and network technology.


15+ Years of Experience

Having more than 15 years of experience in Production, Quality, Purchasing, Sales and MIS System.
* Highly skilled intellectual personnel
* Having substantial work experience in
   diverse areas of IT
* Possess strong technical and
   analytical skills, high intellect, sound
   work ethics and integrity

Individual Approach

We understand that the client's perspective is of the utmost important. Hiring the right people and putting them in the right situation, providing appropriate training, giving the autonomy to do the right thing for customers, using products and processes that actually work, all contributes to creating a business partnership that will succeed!!!

Global Solutions

We provide high-value, technology and marketing solutions geared specifically to meet the needs of our customers. We provide programming services, full cycle software development, web based solutions, portal development, web design and online marketing services. We aim to align our services to create executable road maps that meet your business goals.


* Application Services
* Cloud
* Microsoft
* Oracle
* iOS

24/7 Online Support

Services for Consumers/Professionals:
* 24x7 Consumer Services
* 24x7 Managed IT Services
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TECHFICS Private Limited
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Sy.No. 86/1, K.Dommasandra Post, Belathur Main Rd, Sonnenahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560049


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